Anavar Profile


Oxandrolone is one of the oldest anabolic steroids we've ever had at our disposal; available since the 1960's and brought to the market under the trade name Anavar, where other steroids have come and gone Anavar has remained a long standing favorite. An extremely mild steroid in nature, while nowhere near as powerful as many of its counterparts the Oxandrolone hormone remains popular due to its friendly nature; we're referring to side effects. When it comes to adverse side effects, this is one of the easiest steroids in the world to control; in-fact, there really is no reason a healthy adult male should have a problem. Further, when it comes to female steroidal supplementation, Anavar remains the premier steroid of choice, and as is with men side effect free supplementation is a very real possibility.

While mild in nature, don't let this nature fool you; Anavar still has the ability to promote fantastic results; however, you must understand what you're getting in to. With many anabolic steroids, people have expectations that are of an enormous nature, and in many cases, expectations that have nothing to do with the steroid in question. This lack of education often leads to disappointment and mass confusion, but after today that will be no more. While true, after today there will be no more confusion as we will explain Anavar thoroughly, and we will do so in a way that you are sure to understand.

Foundational Principles of Anavar:

Oxandrolone, better known as Anavar is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroid. An oral anabolic steroid, as is with most oral steroids the Oxandrolone hormone is C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa). A necessary trait for the hormones survival through the first pass through the liver, the C17-aa nature causes a toxic reaction. This is not unique to Anavar, but all C17-aa anabolic steroids; in-fact, it's something shared by numerous non-steroidal medications that are ingested orally.


While a C17-aa anabolic steroid, thankfully Anavar's toxic nature is rather mild; so mild, problem free supplementation regarding the liver is assured if the liver is healthy and proper protocol is followed. Beyond the C17-aa and DHT natures, Anavar carries an active half-life of approximately 9 hours making daily to twice daily administration necessary, and with such use nice anabolic effects will be displayed. Carrying a strong anabolic rating of 630, its translating action will not be quite as high as its rating implies; however, with a low androgenic rating of only 24 no androgenic activity will be displayed with proper use, and this is one of the main reasons women can use Anavar safely.

Then we have the steroids mode of action, specifically its traits. Without question, one of this steroid's most impressive traits is in its ability to promote red blood cell production; with supplementation, your total red blood cell count will go up. Beyond red blood cells, Anavar will also greatly promote nitrogen retention, and this is important as a nitrogen deficiency will lead to a catabolic state. By maintaining a proper nitrogen balance, better yet enhancing it, total anabolic action is increased, and through this action the preservation of tissue is enhanced.

While the two traits above make this steroid worthwhile, Anavar also has the ability to not only promote metabolic activity, it can actually promote direct fat loss; that's right, Oxandrolone can actually help you burn body fat directly due to its androgen binding.

The Benefits of Anavar:

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is regularly used by performance enhancing athletes and in therapeutic treatment plans; in-fact, it is one of the most commonly prescribed anabolic steroids; testosterone being the most common. In a therapeutic sense, Anavar is often used to combat muscle wasting diseases or to aid in a burn victims recovery. Through supplementation, tissue wasting is normally halted, and while not an extremely powerful mass builder, what it does produce will be solid as there is no estrogenic activity with this steroid.

While very useful in the treatments discussed above, where Anavar really shines is in its ability to combat anemia; anemia is a condition associated with a low red blood cell count. Recall from above, Oxandrolone has the ability to increase red blood cell count; in-fact, it does so tremendously, and through this action, the problem is solved.

While fantastic for anemia, Anavar is sometimes used to combat osteoporosis; however, Nandrolone is a better choice, but Anavar is an option. Further, Oxandrolone is sometimes used to treat certain cardiovascular ailments due to its ability to promote enhanced cardiovascular activity, and once again this is due to the increase in red blood cell count.

From the above, you should already be able to see some of the performance benefits, and as we've been discussing red blood cell count let's start right there. By this increase, muscular endurance will go up, and this shouldn't come as a surprise. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to and through the blood, and with an increase in blood oxygenation we do not tire out as fast. Further, this increase can also aid in conditioning promotion of a visual nature, and direct conditioning by way of enhanced cardiovascular activity.

Beyond endurance, Anavar is a fantastic cutting agent, and that's more than likely obvious; after all, it not only promotes an enhanced metabolic rate, but also directly aids in the burning of fat. Further, due to the strong nitrogen retention, Anavar is a fantastic preserving agent, and this is important when cutting; otherwise, lean muscle mass will be lost. When we diet, in-order to lose body fat we must be in a calorie deficit, and this is necessary with or without steroids. As a result, the body will be forced to meet its energy needs any way it can, and in many cases, at the expense of your lean muscle tissue. Through Oxandrolone supplementation, this is no longer a concern, and as a result, you will be leaner with more muscle mass left on your frame, and that means a better looking physique.

Then we have off-season bulking, and for the male athlete there's really no benefit as the steroid is too mild to promote strong gains; however, for females it's a different story. For the female athlete, as they are far more sensitive to steroids and often do not desire massive buildups in size, Anavar can be the perfect steroid to see a little mass added onto the frame, and as a bonus, it will be done so in a way without nasty masculine like effects if the right path is followed.

The Side Effects of Anavar:

As a DHT compound, not surprisingly the side effects of Anavar will largely surround this nature; however, they will be of very little concern due to this steroid's mild nature. Of such effects, the most common will be acne, and while it's the most common it will still be rather rare. For most who supplement, if they keep their skin clean and dry at all times they won't have a problem, but those who are genetically sensitive may find a few zits to pop up especially if they do not give extra attention to clean, dry skin. Beyond acne, as DHT deteriorates the hair follicles, men who are predisposed to male pattern baldness may lose some of their hair. Of course, if you're predisposed you're going to lose that hair no matter what you do, but the DHT buildup may speed it up. In-order to protect your hairline, if you are predisposed and this is a concern, you'll probably want to avoid all DHT compounds, or you can try using the androgen suppressor Finasteride.

Speaking of Finasteride, where this DHT suppressor can be truly valuable is in combating prostate enlargement. As a DHT compound, the side effects of Anavar can include prostate enlargement; however, it is unlikely with responsible use and would truly take a massive buildup. Even so, due to this possible side effect, men who already suffer from prostate enlargement must not touch this or any anabolic steroid.

Beyond the DHT related side effects of Anavar, as a C17-aa steroid we must address hepatotoxicity. With use, liver enzyme values may increase; however, following proper supplementation practices can control damage. First and foremost is always supplementing with responsible doses, and the duration of use should also be kept in mind; please see the doses link. Further, excess alcohol consumption must be avoided as this will be far more damaging to the liver and provide more stress than the liver can handle. Then there are non-steroidal medications, and this includes over the counter items. Many oral medications carry strong hepatotoxic natures, and in some cases, beyond what any anabolic steroid could produce.

If you follow the advice from above, barring any underlying issue most will not run into trouble, but there is one more area we must discuss, virilization. Anavar carries the lowest virilization rating a steroid can carry, and as a result the promotion of masculine effects in women is unlikely with responsible use. Even so, due to our individual responses to all substances on earth, even with responsible use some women will be forced to discontinue use. If problems arise and use is discontinued at their onset they will fade away rapidly.