Anavar Doses

When it comes to any anabolic steroid, you need to know how much to take if you're going to get the results you desire, and without question, when it comes to Anavar doses this is one of the most misunderstood topics of all time. For many men, they are often disappointed when they supplement with this steroid, and that's not surprising, so much of it is under-dosed, and most men supplement with Anavar doses that are far too low. Of course, a higher dose is going to cost a fair amount of money, the Oxandrolone hormone is one of the most expensive of all time on a per milligram basis. Even so, for the male athlete, if you cannot afford adequate Anavar doses, choose another steroid, but assuming you can let's take a look at proper Anavar doses for men and women.

Anavar Doses for Men:

As an extremely mild anabolic steroid, male Anavar doses will need to be at least 30mg per day for any type of athletic enhancement, but this will be a very low dose. For true performance enhancement, most men will need at minimum 50mg per day with 80mg per day being tolerated extremely well by most men. Of course, the dose can go even higher, 100mg per day is not uncommon and still within the realm of safety; however, such Anavar doses will cost a small fortune.


Regardless of your total dosing, most men will find 8 weeks of total use to be standard, and due to this steroid's extremely mild nature supplementation can extend even further if desired, but that's rarely needed. In any case, such Anavar doses as described above will aid greatly in cutting cycles as well as for enhancing athletic performance. As for bulking, this is a steroid that's not recommended for off-season male use; it's simply too mild.

Anavar Doses for Women:

Anavar doses for women is one of the most important topics of steroidal discussion due to this being one of the few anabolic steroids women can supplement with safely, but part of safe supplementation is understanding the right Anavar doses. In-order to avoid virilization while receiving the anabolic action you desire, most women will need at least 5mg per day with 10mg per day being optimal, extremely safe and in most cases, problem free. 10mg per day is about all the Anavar most women will ever need, but if more is desired it is possible. If you supplement at a 10mg dosing and enjoy a positive response, if you want more you can try 15mg per day the next go around and even 20mg if desired later on; however, keep a few things in mind. Every time you increase the dose beyond 10mg, you greatly increase the risk of virilization, and while 20mg per day doesn't guarantee it, most women will show symptoms and doses above 20mg will all but assure virilization.

With proper Anavar doses in mind, which will be approximately 10mg per day for most women, due to the mild nature of the Oxandrolone hormone most women can easily tolerate 6 weeks of use; in some cases, even 8 weeks. In any case, in-order to remain safe and problem free, no supplementation should occur for at least 6 weeks in-between periods of use.