Buy Anavar

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one of the most popular anabolic steroids of all time. It is an effective steroid, not as powerful as some, but its popularity largely rests in its extremely high tolerable nature. So side effect friendly, both men and women can buy Anavar at a high rate of success. Most who buy Anavar will do so for cutting (diet phase) purposes, but regardless of the purpose of use its toleration level will remain high.

Anavar was first developed for commercial use and brought to the market in the 1960ís by G.D. Searle and Co. Oxandrolone would soon after find its way to numerous other markets across the globe, and it wasnít too long before you could buy Anavar with ease. If you decided to buy Anavar during this time, you could purchase numerous brand names of the Oxandrolone hormone. Interestingly enough, Searle controlled the market and merely licensed these other companies to sell the Oxandrolone hormone under their own designated brand name such as Lipidex and Anatrophill among many others.

In 1989, Searle, which would later be bought out by Pfizer, would discontinue this product. Under pressure from the U.S. FDA, Searle would discontinue the Oxandrolone line. After this occurred there was very little Oxandrolone on the market, and if you wanted to buy Anavar you had a hunt on your hands. Keep in mind this was before the explosion of underground labs. You could still find the compound, but it wasnít easy. Six years later, once again you could buy Anavar on the U.S. market as Bio-Technology General Corp. (BTG) began manufacturing the steroid under the Oxandrin name. Unfortunately, BTG, now Savient held a tight grip on this market sending the price through the roof.


In todayís market, you can buy Anavar with more ease than you could in the 1990ís. The explosion of the underground market in the late 90ís and early 2000ís has ensured thereís a lot of Anavar to be had. Savient still holds a strong grip on the U.S. pharmaceutical market, but Watson also carries the steroid. You can buy Anavar under the Watson label sold as nothing more than Oxandrolone. Of course, in the U.S. you will need a prescription for either brand in order to make a legal purchase. Inevitably this drives many to the black market, and thatís exactly where most will buy Anavar.

Carrying an enormously high demand with a supply that doesnít quite match up, the cost of Anavar is normally a bit higher than most anabolic steroids. This is by no means the most expensive steroid on earth, but if you want to buy Anavar youíre going to spend a little money, especially men. Men will need a large dose for any true gains, and as tablets often cost $2 per 10mg tab at a minimum and 50-80mg doses per day are common, you can see how fast the price can get out of hand. Females will find it far more affordable as the average female dose is 10mg per day.

As the underground market has grown far beyond what many thought it would, this has brought the price down a little bit. You can buy Anavar from an underground lab at more reasonable rate, but it comes with a strong warning of caution. Those who buy Anavar will find this to be one of the most commonly counterfeited oral steroids of all time. It is commonly under-dosed, and in some cases, mislabeled. You buy Anavar or so you think, but itís really a low dosed Dianabol tab or some other cheaper anabolic steroid. If thatís not enough, if you buy Anavar on the black market you are breaking the law and opening yourself up to all the related legal risks.

Due to the nature of the steroid market and where the Oxandrolone hormone falls in relation, it is imperative you exercise caution any time you buy Anavar. Just because someone is offering to sell you the steroid does not mean you should buy it. Search out your supplier thoroughly. Search for third party reviews and references, and rest assured any legitimate supplier will have positive ones. Last but certainly not least, if youíre going to buy Anavar for the purpose of performance enhancement, your best bet is doing so outside the U.S. where steroid restrictions are not so strong or getting a prescription. You cannot legally bring it back with you from another country and prescriptions wonít provide traditional performance doses, but both scenarios will provide peace of mind.